Raise growth equity like a pro

Get the deal done in comfort, even if you have no prior equity fundraising experience


How well you raise new equity will impact you and your company for years

Your equity deal, and the new investor you will take on board, will influence the results of your company for years. 

Getting your deal right is crucial - for many reasons:

  • ​all key deal decisions and contracts typically impact companies for at least 3-5 years, and the best way to ensure you make the right decisions and deals is to use proven, systematic pro strategies, processes and tools
  • your new investor will have influence on your company and results - you need be able to choose from several good investors so you can select the one who fits you the most
  • ​by preparing and running your deal professionally, you will achieve a better valuation and deal terms - so you will have to give up less equity and will keep more control
  • when you use pro systems and tools during the deal, you will make better decisions, negotiate better terms, minimise your current and future deal risks, and maximise your future options and equity value, and run the deal more comfortably
  • plus many other reasons that will impact you business-wise and personally...


Hire the right deal adviser - or do it yourself, if you have the required skills and time

Selecting your equity deal adviser is one of the most important deal decisions. I don't know if I am the right guy for you, so check out my site, and contact me to find out.

Take your time to find the adviser who is right for YOU.


If you choose me, and if I choose you, this is what you get, per the scope we agree:

Before we start I need to fully understand your goals and we need to agree detailed terms. Once we decide to work together, I deliver the services we agreed: from short projects to full deal management. All services include business, strategic, and financial analyses & recommendations, as well as owner and team coaching & training for maximum results.


Short consultations

If you have specific quick questions, you can pick my brains by hour (personal meetings) or even a call-by-minute (contact me for details). 

Project tasks

If you have a clearly defined task we can work in a project mode. Suitable for pitch deck preparation, deal terms analysis, or any other well-defined task. 

Deal management

If you want a full deal preparation & management, let's agree detailed scope, roles, timing, deliverables, pricing, and let's go for it! 



  • analysis of the company, owners' goals, and potential deal (size, terms, timing, feasibility)
  • creation of financial projections (MS Excel) at the required standards of the target investors, business plan summary write-up, business valuation
  • ​preliminary deal structuring, design of fundraising strategy and scenarios (Plan A, B, C)
  • creation of presentation docs (teaser, pitch deck), your elevator pitch and strategy
  • creation of a list of target investors (50-100)
  • preparation of deal team, roles, timeline, communication and information systems & tools, internal and external communication strategy, and preparation of your entire team (owners & relevant team members) for the deal execution


  • marketing to longlisted investors, collection of Expressions of Interest from interested investors
  • analyses of proposed terms, recommendations & assistance to owners in the Shortlist selection
  • delivery of information package to shortlisted investors, conf. calls, collection of investment offers
  • analyses of offers recommendations & assistance to owners during selection of a preferred investor
  • negotiations and signing of detailed Term Sheet
  • preparation and coordination of due diligence
  • business and financial negotiations of transaction documents, coordination of teams and process
  • coordination of signing, closing and post-closing steps, selected post-acquisition integrations

At all stages you and your team will get a detailed guidance from me. I will explain in detail all deal aspects, tasks, risks, requirements and scenarios, so that you have all available information to make the best decisions. 

Every company, its owners and its situation is unique, so contact me to talk about YOUR DEAL and how you can achieve YOUR GOALS as quickly and easily as possible.


​My professional skills and experience are the base which you can rely on. Many other advisers also have them, and I consider them the minimum every adviser should deliver.

What makes me unique are my personal values and ethics focused on you and your goals, my passion to give you as much training as you & your team can take, and systems approach.

Value-add services

You get all my entrepreneurial experience and skills on your side to improve how your business works to maximise the results for you.

Coaching & Training

To make good deal decisions you need to understand all aspects of the deal fully - I take special care to make sure you get all the info you need.

Systems Approach

Equity deals are a complex system of parties, scenarios, legal terms, risks, options and cash impacts - I maximise their benefits to you.

​My skills, values  approach may, or may not be interesting or valuable to you and your deal. 

If they are, I will be happy to speak with you how to get the best results for you:

Plan your deal with this free Equity Deal Map

To plan your deal, download this 1-page overview of key deal stages, typical timeline, main tasks, decisions and agreements you have to make as the owner.