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Learn systematic, pro strategies to grow equity value, raise new equity and exit companies

Online bootcamp for entrepreneurs and owners of growth & mature companies that have a history of at least 2 full years

Daniel Marek

Systemios Founder & CEO

Hello, I am condensing my 23-year equity experience into this HANDS-ON, RESULTS-FOCUSED ONLINE BOOTCAMP! Find out why and how below...

What is Owners' Bootcamp exactly?

It is an online platform full of free as well as paid training modules with practical, real-life strategies, case studies, done-for-you workflows, checklists, cheat sheets and tips on how to use systematic, pro strategies, even if you have limited business experience. Of course, you will have to put time and effort to master it, but I do guarantee it works!

Why online?

Because we, business owners, usually have little time to attend live training with other people. We need to learn what we need (or want), when we need (or have time), and in the order we like - no time wasted! This requires an online system where you can CHOOSE YOURSELF what you learn and when!

Why for companies with history?

Because established companies run by entrepreneurs need special, highly effective strategies that bring fast results. Business issues we deal with, and the solutions we use, are usually different from larger corporates or from startups. So it's about practical focus on results. In the coming weeks I will post more reasons with specific bootcamp content  - so come back, or sign up below for email updates straight to your inbox.

Why do you do it?

My mission and belief is that the bootcamp will help many business owners CREATE MORE VALUABLE BUSINESSES, and avoid typical mistakes I or other business owners have made... my sincere wish is that it will bring you more freedom & satisfaction, and help you make your business, equity fundraising or exit a BIG PERSONAL AS WELL AS FINANCIAL SUCCESS!

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