If you're a BUSINESS OWNER, we can work together on:

  • Equity transactions - sell side (raise new equity or exit company) & buy side
  • High-value, strategic business development projects
  • Business constellations - a highly advanced live business modelling tool

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Before our first meeting

To make our initial meeting as efficient and as pleasant as possible, please prepare the following information:

  • What you want to achieve - what are your business goals and personal expectations regarding the outcome of our cooperation.
  • What is the company, who are the owners, top managers or key decision-makers in relation to the planned deal/project. What is your role and decision-making capacity.
  • What services you want to buy, what is the scope and timing.
  • What is your budget for the service, and what fee structure you envisage.
  • What is your prior experience with the type of deal or project you want to start - have you ever raised equity or sold a company? What type of business, what deal size, who was the investor and advisor, and any other relevant key facts that will allow me to understand your level of experience.
  • Key facts about your company, especially those that may have an impact on the deal or project you want to do.

I treat all information provided to me at all times as private & confidential. Should you consider a particular fact too sensitive, please disclose it only after we agree and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA"). I typically sign the NDA only after our first meeting, and after we both agree that we have a potential to work together. Please call me if you have any questions about how I work.

Key Business Facts About Me​

>EUR 1 bn total volume of transactions
> 23 yrs doing equity deals
> 165 complex deals

Get to know me - HOW and WHY I work

Entrepreneur At Heart

Hello! I am Daniel, and I am entrepreneur at heart. My passion is to work with like-minded entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams successfully. I succeed when you succeed.

I've run my own businesses for over 14 years. I am 48, and I've been working with business owners for over 23 years. I know what it takes to start and build a business, go through major changes, fail and succeed.

Business Is Personal For Me

When you tell me about your business and the changes you are preparing, I am here to listen. Not only to understand your products, strategies and numbers. First and foremost, to understand YOU. Your vision. Your goals. Your dreams and your passions. Your strengths, but also your weaknesses - I need to understand them to be able to create realistic strategies for you, and to implement them with you successfully.

For me, business is personal. I only work with people of similar values - people I can trust, and who can trust me. Through your business I see your LIFE, and I hold a deep respect for it.

Once I understand you, I listen much more. To understand your business in every detail necessary to get the job done. You get the benefit of all my business experience, systems thinking, network of contacts, personal drive and passion for creating successful businesses. And I pay special attention that you not only build a solid and valuable business, but also to help you get the financial as well as non-financial rewards you deserve for building a successful company.  


Systemios, Ltd.

c/o 0100 Campus, Binarium

Staré Grunty 18, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia


Systemios Ltd., Donska 121, 841 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

Director (statutory representative): Daniel Marek

Company registered at the Commercial Register of Regional Court Bratislava I, Sect.: ltd, Ins. No:. 34765/B

Company Registration No.: 35919248. EU VAT No.: SK2021945167

Plan your deal with this free Equity Deal Map

To plan your deal, download this 1-page overview of key deal stages, typical timeline, main tasks, decisions and agreements you have to make as the owner.