Increase company value and prepare for company sale 1-5 years ahead.

Value creation services and acquisition mentoring for private owners of established companies - based on 30-year M&A experience as investor, owner and M&A advisor

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Hello, I'm Daniel Marek, Systemios Owner & Director. 

I help private owners of medium-sized & smaller companies to:

  • increase company value 1-5 years before the sale,
  • prepare for company sale, and
  • solve high-value owner challenges along the way.

If you face any of these areas, feel free to contact me to discuss privately how to get the best results in your situation.

What are your goals for the value and your ownership of your company?

Increase company value

Discover & implement effective strategies used by experienced owners 1-5 years before the sale.

Prepare for  company sale

Prepare yourself and your co-owners to be ready for the process when the time comes.

Solve high-value challenges

Get my 30-year experience to help you solve tricky problems and complex new situations.

Every year, thousands of owners who did not plan to sell their companies decide to sell them, losing much money due to lack of preparation. 

Will you be one of them in the next 5 years?

Or do you prefer to learn from experience of others?

Company sale is one of the most critical events for business owners of established companies. The steps taken 1-5 years before the sale typically have the biggest impact on the final price.  

You can increase your company value wisely in advance. With 30-years experience of developing, buying and selling companies, I can help you increase and capture the value you have been building for years.

Daniel Marek, Owner & CEO, Systemios


Mix & match to reach your goals faster and at lower cost.


Company value increase

  • analysis of company value for owners - financial & non-financial
  • clarification of owners' business and personal goals
  • ad-hoc acquisition mentoring and advisory for owners
  • value creation strategy design and implementation


Preparation for company sale

  • preparedness assessment of the company and owners
  • definition and alignment of owners' exit goals
  • design and implementation of exit strategy
  • identification and selection of a M&A advisor
  • investor search & matchmaking


Challenge-solving services for owners

  • independent analysis of the situation from emotionally neutral position
  • strategic mentoring related to company value and owner goals 
  • internal workshops for owners and key employees
  • private business constellations to solve high-value challenges

Every company, its goals and situation are unique - let's talk about your goals for our potential cooperation


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Since 1993, I've been an active owner of three companies and an advisor in complex business situations to over 200 business owners, CEOs & investors of growth companies, family businesses, equity funds and international corporates.

If you'd like a personal reference from my clients please let me know - I will arrange it for you privately, in relation to the type of my services you are interested in.


I have M&A deal or project experience in the following sectors, but I do not claim to be sector expert in any of them. Detailed sector expertise is typically provided by the client, or by sector experts.

B2B SaaS    FinTech    EdTech    3D HW    specialised engineering    fashion retail    hotels    quality control    professional services    office, hotel & residential real estate development    electricity co-generation / alternative energy production  •  healthcare    education    leisure    mechanical engineering    waste processing    machinery    lifestyle & beauty    injection moulding    entertainment    food production & distribution    postal services    sports retail    online services    telecommunications    airlines    printing    radio    media    meat processing    commercial property    event management   staffing    commercial banking     life & non-life insurance    pensions    leasing    health insurance    investment management    heavy manufacturing    petrol production & distribution    food packaging production    logistics    industrial devices    medical laboratories    venture capital & private equity funds


I deliver results by combining traditional business tools with the latest cognitive and systemic approaches.

Clients benefit from my 30-year business experience of being an entrepreneur, an institutional & private investor, business advisor and Yotta Modeller.

>EUR 1bn

total volume of transactions

>30 yrs

doing complex deals


projects & deals