profitably & quickly, using pro strategies & tools

Hi, I'm Daniel Marek, Systemios Owner & CEO.

As business owners, when we raise equity or exit companies, we want the best results - solid investor, high valuation, and efficient sale process.

To ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS FAST, work with me, or learn profitable equity raising and exit strategies in my online bootcamp for fellow business owners.


Raise growth equity

Get quality investor(s) who will not only bring new equity, but will also support your growth, vision and the way you work. 

Exit your company

Maximise value when exiting your company: sell your equity at a profit & meet your relationship & other non-financial goals.

Learn how to do the deal

Discover pro strategies, workflows, checklists & tips on how to raise/sell equity in a company with >2-year history (no startups!).

Raising equity or exiting the company may be the most complex B2B sale you will ever make.

When you decide to raise equity or exit the company, you face a complex, usually 3-12 month intensive B2B sale process with big impacts on your company & life.

Unfortunately, owners often lose much of their equity value during the sale due to inexperience and wrong expectations about the process. My mission is to provide you with strategies, tools & services so you achieve your goals and get the best results!

Let's talk if you want to raise equity or exit your company using systematic, pro strategies & tools. Or sign up for my online bootcamp - it will help you negotiate a much better deal!

Daniel Marek, Entrepreneur & Deal Adviser

In equity deals you don't get what you deserve - YOU GET WHAT YOU NEGOTIATE. Final price and terms are a direct result of how well you prepared, presented & negotiated the deal.

To get the best price and terms, prepare and run the deal using pro strategies & tools


Whether you need to quickly prepare for a meeting with potential investors, create quality marketing materials about your company, or prepare & manage the entire process, let's talk.

Services to raise equity

Equity fundraising from international private and financial investors.

Services to exit company

Sale of equity stake or entire company to suitable strategic or financial investors.

Every company, its owners and its situation is unique. Find out more about my services to see it they fit your situation, and contact me to talk about YOUR PLANNED DEAL, and how you can achieve YOUR GOALS as quickly and easily as possible. 

Plan your deal with this free Equity Deal Map

To plan your deal, download this 1-page overview of key deal stages, typical timeline, main tasks, decisions and agreements you have to make as the owner.


If you plan a complex equity deal or a fast growth strategy, we can work closely together to get the results you want (if they are both ambitious and realistic...).

I am 47, and I've been doing complex, international equity deals since 1993. As financial investor, M&A advisor, private investor, and entrepreneur.

>EUR 1 bn total volume of transactions
> 23 yrs doing equity deals
> 165 complex deals

As part of the service, you will get with me:

Value-add services that improve your results

Deal coaching & training for you & your team

Systems approach that makes you money




For the past 12 years, I have worked mostly with owners of growth companies and family businesses.

With some exceptions, they prefer to keep their names, equity plans & deals private. So do I. Still, if you'd like a personal reference from my clients please let me know, I will arrange it for you.